Patient safety

Quality Labels

Maastricht UMC + find quality and safety is very important and has therefore acquired numerous certifications, accreditations and recognitions. However, improvement is always possible and we will be seeking further improvement. We are and remain critical of our own actions.

NIAZ (Dutch Institute for Healthcare Institutions Accreditation)

NIAZ (Dutch Institute for Healthcare Institutions Accreditation)NIAZ (Dutch Institute for Healthcare Institutions Accreditation) Since 1999, the NIAZ accredited hospital. This meets the standards for good business. In 2013, the accreditation certificate obtained for the 4 th time and appointed a deck of leaders in the Netherlands. More information:


Quality fertility care (fertility care)

EU Prevent - EMREU Prevent - EMR Maastricht UMC + meets up with all 11 quality criteria for good fertility care and therefore Freya (patient organization for people with fertility problems) Plume received. For example, one of the criteria is that fertility treatments carried out 7 days a week (except for up to 3 weeks per year in which the laboratory is closed).

Quality Cancer Care

Quality Cancer CareQuality Cancer Care Around three types of cancer is determined whether hospitals meet criteria set by the patient. Maastricht UMC + for these three types (colon cancer, blood and lymph node cancer and breast cancer) received a positive assessment from a so-called "green check". Also see the pink ribbon below.
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Pink ribbon

Pink ribbonPink ribbon The pink ribbon is a recognition granted by the Breast Cancer Association Netherlands to hospitals that provide good care for breast cancer patients.
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JACIE (Joint Accreditation Committee ISCT EBMT)

JACIE (Joint Accreditation Committee ISCT EBMT)JACIE (Joint Accreditation Committee ISCT EBMT) This international standard has the Maastricht UMC + received for the care of bone marrow and stem cell transplants. This indicates that care is well organized content.
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SmileySmiley The Child Foundation and Hospital knows Smiley's to hospitals that positively differentiate their services for children and parents. Maastricht UMC + Smiley has received the maternity ward and the pediatric ward.
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WHO / UNICEF certificate 'Care for Breastfeeding'WHO / UNICEF certificate 'Care for Breastfeeding' Maastricht UMC +, the WHO / UNICEF certificate 'Care for Breastfeeding' been awarded. Both the maternity ward and the neonatology department has received this certificate. Both departments provide optimal information and guidance on breastfeeding.



Vascular Hallmark

Vascular Quality Mark 2013Vascular Quality Mark 2013 Maastricht UMC + is in the possession of the vascular mark. This certification is awarded to those hospitals that meet basic criteria surrounding the care of cardiovascular patients (including collaboration, treatment and diagnostics).
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Varicose Hallmark

Hallmark Senior FriendlyHallmark Senior Friendly The varicose label makes clear which hospitals and treatment centers offer the best varicose vein care.

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HKZ (Foundation Harmonization Quality in Health Care)

HKZ (Foundation Harmonization Quality in Health Care)HKZ (Foundation Harmonization Quality in Health Care) Our dialysis unit and transmural pharmacy certified. Certification is the way to make that internal affairs are in order, that the client is always centered and that the organization continually and systematically working to improve care visible.
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EFI labelEFI label This international certification we have in the Maastricht UMC + received the quality of donor selection in the context of organ and bone marrow transplants. This complies with the international quality standards.
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CCKL (Coordinating Committee on Quality Labs)

CCKL (Coordinating Committee quality laboratories)CCKL (Coordinating Committee quality laboratories) All our labs have the certificate already more or less time in their possession. The certificate indicates that the laboratories meet international quality requirements for medical laboratories.
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Health and Safety

ISO ArboISO Arbo The hospital has a certificate of good occupational health care. The Facilities company has its own certificate. In addition to good patient care is also given to the staff. More information:



ISO 22000

ISO 22000ISO 22000 The food safety system of the Maastricht UMC + has been certified since 1995.
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Information / BS 7510-7511

ISO ArboISO Arbo The hospital has recently demonstrated that it meets the standards for information security and dependability as laid down in the NEN-ISO 7510/7511. More information on .


ISO ArboISO Arbo The Clinical Trial Center Maastricht facilitates researchers and research organizations in the preparation and execution of clinical research. In April 2009, the CTCM obtained the ISO certificate for the 1st time. Recently this has been renewed for a period of three years. More information:


ISO EnvironmentISO Environment The hospital has a lot of attention to the environment. This manifests itself in an international certificate.
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Varicose HallmarkVaricose Hallmark The employees of the hospital and nursing departments RVE B CCZ have won in 2010. The Phoenix National Patient Safety Award project VMS Safety Programme Through this project, medication errors and the risk of infection in preparation of parenteral medication significantly declined and the patient improved significantly. More information: .

Dermatology Quality Seal  

VMS Safety ProgrammeVMS Safety Programme The Department of Dermatology at the MUMC of Skin Patients Netherlands (umbrella skin patients) received the Seal of Quality Dermatology. This means that the Department of Dermatology proves to strive for high quality care for patients skin. More information at:



Euregionaal Quality Mark for Hygiene and Infection

Dermatology Quality SealDermatology Quality Seal Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention has, on behalf of the MUMC +, 01-01-2012 Dutch first hospital in the Euroregion met the quality requirements set by EuPrevent in the area of ​​infection.


Vascular Quality Mark 2013Vascular Quality Mark 2013 Our pharmacy complies with the requirements of GMP z with respect to the making and distribution of finished pharmaceuticals and here at the required quality. Monitoring and enforcement of this quality is achieved by the Health Inspectorate. More information at:


ESMO accreditation

Menzis TopZorg predicateMenzis TopZorg predicate Maastricht UMC + is the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) accredited for the integration of oncology palliative care. This shows that the care of cancer patients in the last phase of life good order, research is being conducted and that education is provided.
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