Patient safety


On the ward

Maastricht UMC + working for several years with an advanced electronic prescribing and registration of drugs, the EVS. This is to medication errors, such as spelling mistakes by physicians and pharmacists assistants, nurse and errors in the submission process to avoid. Dispensary about spelling errors on the nursing unit

You get a digital recipe along

[Image1 Medium: right] You're used to getting, you are taking it into your pharmacy a handwritten prescription from your doctor. In Maastricht UMC + most doctors write prescriptions no longer hand out. They record straight into the computer what medications they prescribe.

You get a printout with the doctor, you can take it to the pharmacy. This offers the following advantages:

  • printed recipes are clear reading
  • your medication record is shown in full
  • and easily accessible to physicians.

You can bring the prescription to your local pharmacy. Also, you can also go to the pharmacy in the Serrehal and take your medications as directly. This pharmacy (the transmural Pharmacy Service Maastricht) for all patients available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ..