Your well-being

Medical Social Work

Our Team Medical Social Work: "We are there for you!"

You're sick and you are therefore included or treatment at the University Hospital Maastricht. Possibly can cause this disease, hospitalization or treatment for stress in different areas. Consider including work, relationships, family, finances.

What is social work?

We can support that and your loved ones on problems and the consequences associated with being sick. The medical social worker can help you with for example the following questions:

  • How does it go home as much as possible?
  • How do I deal with my personal emotions?
  • How can I combine hospital visit and work?
  • How can I as a parent or partner accompany a sick family member and why I find that so difficult?
  • Provides social legislation in the costs that the illness entails?

Where can we support you?

  • Psychosocial development: we focus on the problems that occur in the interaction between the pastry ë nt and its surroundings. Interaction and factors in the individual, between individuals and the environment.
  • Practical and informative assistance: think of leave arrangements, leadership, assistance and patient organizations.
  • Research and reporting: exploring possibilities in terms of facilities and agencies, but also at the level of the patient.
  • Signaling social problems, cuts: signaling, advocacy and prevention.
  • Working with volunteers.
  • Working with social networks: as neighbors, but also the professional help that is involved.


You or your loved ones can directly contact our department medical social work.