Submitting a complaint

Submitting a damage and/or liability claim

If you believe that damage has been caused by the actions of Maastricht UMC+ staff, you may hold the Maastricht UMC+ liable for that damage by sending a letter or a completed form to: Stichting Mebaz, Postbus 1389, NL-6201 BJ Maastricht, or by sending an e-mail to:

Maastricht UMC+, the medical specialists and the other staff of Maastricht UMC+ are insured for professional liability.

If damage to property is involved, e.g. damaged or lost items, the Maastricht UMC+ third-party insurance may be applicable. For this purpose, you can complete a damage report form and submit it to Meeus assurantiën Maastricht UMC+ (Postbus 5800, NL-6202 AZ Maastricht, The Netherlands) or e-mail the completed form to