Polikliniek bezoek

City Poli

City Poli is a new, rapid and less expensive form of care that is offered by the specialists of the Maastricht UMC + and the GPs in the region.

What is the City Poli?

City Poli is located at two sites in Maastricht, outside the walls of the hospital. In the City Poli keep specialists Maastricht UMC + clinic for patients referred by their GP. City Poli is a less clinical setting than the hospital and you can usually quickly make an appointment with a specialist.

Why So? Because it is not always necessary to go to the hospital to be able to offer good care. Sometimes one answer from a specialist to a question from the GP be enough to prevent a referral to hospital. Moreover, it appears expensive diagnostic and / or therapeutic agents are not always necessary.

More information about the City Poli

Make an appointment at the City Poli

If you are referred by your GP to the City Poli, please make an appointment with a specialist in the City Poli call TIPP. The doctor of the medical assistants coordinating center plans a City Poli-appointment for you. TIPP on weekdays from 8.30 am to 17.00 pm via telephone: 043 to 2,100,210.

NOTE: you always need a referral from your doctor!

Where can I find in my City Poli nearby?

  • City Poli East
    Care Park Scharn
    Vijverdalseweg 2-4
    6226 NB Maastricht
    T 043 210 02 21

  • Poli City West
    Clavecymbelstraat 71A-77A
    6217 CS Maastricht
    T 043 210 01 23

No deductible

With the advent of the City Poli care remains affordable, even for you, while the quality remains the same. The appointment with the specialist in the City Poli does not fall within your own risk. No need for that care, so pay no contribution because these costs are compensated by the insurance. This is an important difference from the hospital: if you visit the hospital specialist, this support is covered by the excess.

Surveys conducted in response to the consultation in the City Poli (eg blood, urine tests or X-rays) are as now is the case does fall under your own risk. The prescribed medications are deducted from your own risk.